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Chinese Spring Rolls

Servings : makes about 12 spring rolls 
Preparation Time : 30 mins 
Difficulty : Moderate 

Who doesn't go crazy for chinese spring rolls. Finger food or alongside a decent chinese meal like sweet and sour. The recipe is a little more difficult than many, but worth the extra effort.


Spring roll wrapper(size 190 x 190cm) 12
Bean sprouts (fresh) 250g
Bamboo shoots (stripped) 100g
Tomato 1
Peas 60g
Bean curd (tofu) 150g
Ginger (fresh & finely cut) 2tsp
Coriander (fresh) 2Tbsp
Shoyu sauce (soy) 1Tbsp
Sesame oil 6 drops
Oil 2Tbsp
oil for frying


Heat the oil in a wok or pan and fry ginger for 15 to 20 seconds .. now add the bean sprouts, bamboo shoots (well washed), diced tomato, peas and tofu (broken-up) and fry on high heat until just cooked.

Next add the sesame oil, shoyu sauce, chopped coriander and cook for a further minute to combine all the flavours.

When the spring roll mixture is cool, drain off the excess liquid and spoon 2 Tablespoons on to the spring roll wrapper and roll-up firmly.

Next heat some oil in a pan or wok (medium heat) and fry the spring rolls face down until crisp and brown.

Serve with shoyu sauce.


Use carrots, celery or other vegetables in the mixture.

Also try different chinese sauces.


Vegetables cut small and thin (Chinese style) and subject to high heat will release more of their flavours.

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