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Vegetarian Starters

Most vegetarian starters make perfectly good snacks and main courses when you just adjust the quantities to suit.

Starters, or better to think 'apetisers', should compliment any main course to follow.
If the main course is a heavy meal, then a light starter may be best. Alternately a light or delicate main course may benefit from a hearty broth to start.

Avoid having similar dishes through courses; ie an egg starter followed by omelette for main. Or a cheese starter, followed by lasagne with cheese sauce topping.

Broccoli Pakoda
I experimented and really liked it .. hope you all do too ..

Indian Potato Pancakes
Excellent Indian starter or side dish. More like a bhaji than a pancake. Tasty potato cake. You can vary the recipe by switching the curry powder for a different spice, such as paprika. ..

Potato Cakes
A fairly straight forward recipe, and one we often cook up for the kids when they come in from school with friends, to tide them over.smrtovnice

Veggie Tempura
A deep fried, simple batter fritter. Serve up as a starter with soy sauce and lemon, or any number of dipping sauces. ..

White Bean Pate With Tomato Relish
Something a little different for the buffet or as a starter for veggies all over. ..

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Vegetarian Starters and Apetiser Recipes

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